Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back where I started

I started this blog four years ago, after just having moved here, to explore Baltimore via books. It's been a most successful journey. I've read mysteries, poetry, non-fiction, romance, children's books, YA, and adult novels, all featuring Baltimore or by an author who has a Baltimore connection or which feature a Baltimore scene or two. I've gotten to know the literary scene here; it's active and welcoming. I hosted book talks at the Baltimore Book Festival, CityLit Festival, and the American Craft Council show. After this location, I went on to Reading Local: Baltimore, Charm City Current, and Baltimore Style magazine's website. And so, I did it, I'm done, I've adapted and moved on to regular life.

But it was such a great experience and exposed me to such a variety of works that I find myself continuing to seek out Baltimore writers and scenes and connections. It's an interesting filter through which to approach literary life, making bedfellows of mystery writer Laura Lippman and poet Afaa Michael Weaver, each with very different Baltimore histories; genteel Anne Tyler and wild Larry Doyle.

I think I'll keep going, back here where I started.

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